Euroblight Workshop

2-5 May, 2007, Bologna, Italy

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Session 1: General (Chairman: Nick Bradshaw)

Author Title Link
HTAM Schepers Introduction to the workshop
JG Hansen & HTAM Schepers Epidemics and control of late blight in 2006 in European countries
HTAM Schepers The potato case in the EU-network of excellence ENDURE
HTAM Schepers, JG Hansen & A Lees EuroBlight network: future outlook

Session 2: Tuber blight (Chairman: Ruairidh Bain)

A Evenhuis et al. Functional role of resistance components to prevent tuber blight
R Naerstad et al. End of season management of tuber blight
J Hadders About DSS tuber blight control
MP Latorse et al. Tuber blight control: effect of foliar applied fungicides such as Infinito on viability of sporangia of Phytophthora infestans
GBM Van den Bosch and GJT Kessel Epidemic fitness of Phytophthora infestans in foliage and tubers as related to future developments of aggressiveness
A Hannukkala & A Lehtinen Estimated yield losses caused by potato late blight in Finnish fungicide trials in 1990-2006

Session 3: Control with fungicides (Chairman: Louise Cooke)

T Honda Amisulbrom: Performance of new fungicide for Potato late blight control
F Huggenberger & G Knauf-Beiter Mandipropamid - a new fungicide for the control of late blight in potatoes
L Cooke & G Little Evaluation of fluopicolide-containing formulations for the control of potato late blight in Northern Ireland
M Collina et al. Sensitivity to fungicides and mating types of P. infestans populations collected in north-eastern Italy
A Filippov The development and control of potato early and late blights in European part of Russia in 2006
L Bacci et al. Efficacy of zoxium and mancozeb against PHYTIN and other diseases in tomato
R Bugiani et al. Early and late blight management in Italy

Session 4: Subgroup meeting on Fungicides (Chairman: Huub Schepers)

J Testers Protection of new growth with cyazofamid
EM Kappes & F Huggenberger REVUS - Field performance and product recommendations against late blight in Europe
HTAM Schepers et al. Report of field trials 2006 using the harmonised protocol for testing leaf blight

Session 5: Subgroup meeting on Pathogen, Host resistance & DSS (Chairman: Jens G. Hansen & Alison Lees)

D Cooke et al. Recent changes in the population of P. infestans in Great Britain
D Shaw et al. Recent changes in the population of P. infestans in Great Britain
A Hermansen et al. Genetic variability of Phytophthora infestans in Nordic countries
R Lebecka et al. Phytophthora infestans population in Poland
D Cooke et al. Eucablight one year on: An update on European blight populations
P Skelsey et al. Simulation of potato late blight in the Netherlands: validation of the BLIGHTSPACE model reveals dichotomy in the epidemiological effects of resistance components
HG Spits et al. Fungicide dose rates and cultivar resistance

Session 6: Early blight (Chairman: Neil Gudmestad)

NC Gudmestad & JS Pasche Role of fenamidone in the management of potato early blight (Alternaria spp)
J Kapsa & P Cieluch Early blight at potato crops and its control in Poland
MT van IJzendoorn & E Bouma Scales of early and late blight, a topic for discussion
H Hausladen & J Leiminger Alternaria solani and A. alternata: occurrence in Germany
J Leiminger & H Hausladen Early blight: influence of different varieties

Session 7: Integrated control (Chairman: Bent J. Nielsen)

HD Hinds Assessing late blight risk under polythene covers
BJ Nielsen et al. Release and viability of spores of potato late blight (P. infestans) under field conditions
SB Johnson) Spread and Development of Late Blight Epidemics in Maine
B Dupuis et al. Multilocal field trials to evaluate alternative products to reduce or remove copper applications to control potato late blight in organic production systems
P Skelsey et al. Multi-scale modeling of infection pressure from Phytophthora infestans
I Acuna et al. Use of a forecast system to develop integrated pest management strategies for late blight in southern Chile
M Koppel M & E Runno-Paurson A simple decision support system for control of potato late blight

Session 8: Posters

A Evenhuis et al. Monitoring of primary sources of inoculum of Phytophthora infestans in The Netherlands 1999 - 2005
JS Pasche & NC Gudmestad Prevalence and Significance of the F129L mutation in Alternaria solani from the United States
van de Griend & HLB Wijster Improvement of the curative control of P. infestans
M Benker& M Zellner Strategies to reduce copper amounts in organic potato production
T Dula et al. Efficiency of three fungicides in leaf disc assays against P. infestans isolates from fields with different late blight management
H.M.G. van Raaij et al. Monitoring virulence and mating type of Phytophthora infestans in the Netherlands in 2004 and 2005
A Ronis & K Rainys Potato late blight in Lithuania
C Chatot et al. Steady progression in potato late blight DSS�use by seed farmers in Brittany (France): a safe way to comply with EU agroecological regulations
B Heremans and G Haesaert Study on the STOP effect of fungicide combinations to control late blight in potato
B Heremans et al. Effect of adjuvants on the efficiency of dimethomorph plus mancozeb (Acrobat 2 kg/ha) to control late blight in potato
Marieke F�rch et al. Baseline sensitivity of Phytophthora infestans lifecycle components to NC 224 20SC
PJ van Bekkum & GJT Kessel Quantitative methods to study Phytophthora infestans oospore ecology
R Bugiani et al. IPM of Solanaceous crops in Emilia Romagna Region, Italy
R Bain & N Bradshaw Control of Tuber Blight with Fungicides in Great Britain