EuroBlight Workshop

12-15 May 2013, Limassol, Cyprus

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Hansen JG Opening speech

Session 1: Late blight - status in Europe and beyond (Chairman: Arne Hermansen)

Author Title



Hansen JG et al. Epidemics and control of late blight in 2012 in European countries
Kanetis L et al. Population structure of P. infestans in Cyprus and a synopsis on its Mediterranean status
Andrivon D et al. Coping with(out) copper in organic potato crops - the Co Free way
Cooke DEL, Lassen P & Hansen JG Collating European P. infestans population data, an update

Session 2: Host/pathogen interactions and characteristics (Chairman: David Cooke)

Runno-Paurson E et al. Phenotypic characterisation of Baltic populations of P. infestans genotypes
Bain RA, Convery C & Lees AK Tuber blight in relation to P. infestans genotypes 13_A2 and 6_A1
Kessel G et al. Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically Modified Plants on Agro-ecosystems (AMIGA)
Zhu S et al. Renewal of the old differential set and the creation of a new GM differential set for potato late blight

Session 3: Epidemiology and decision support systems (Chairman: Alison Lees)

Kessel G et al An IPM 2.0 approach to potato late blight control
Skelsey P & Cooke DEL Where do we go after Smith?
N�rstad R, Le VH & Hermansen A Potato late blight forecasting and initial inoculum sources in Norway
Nechwatal J & Zellner M Strategies to reduce primary Phytophthora infections in conventional and organic potato production
Hadders J Potato Blight going mobile
Kessel G et al. EuroBlight EU Phytophthora infections monitoring 2013

Session 4: Control strategies (Chairman: Bent J. Nielsen)

Acu�a I et al. Effect of the interaction of variety resistance and fungicide doses in potato late blight control
Bain RA et al. Impact of fungicide input on leaf blight (P. infestans) development on different potato cultivars
Schepers H et al. Reduced efficacy of fluazinam against some Green 33 isolates of Phytophthora infestans in the Netherlands
Meier-Runge F et al. First results of an EU-wide genotype monitoring of Phytophthora infestans isolates using FTA cards

Session 5: Alternaria (Chairman: Juergen Leiminger)

Edin E & Andersson B The early blight situation in Sweden - species abundance and strobilurin sensitivity
Stammler G & Tegge V Pathogenicity of Alternaria species on tomatoes and potatoes
Spoelder J, Ellens RH & Turkensteen LJ Comparing pathogenicity of Alternaria solani to Alternaria alternata
Hausladen H, Edin E & Spoelder J State of the art and important research questions - Report from the new EuroBlight Alternaria group

Session 6: Subgroup Control strategies (Chairman: Huub Schepers)

Nielsen B et al. Efficacy of fluazinam for control of potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in Danish field trials
Andreas Braun C Infinito and its activity on different isolates of A2 and A1 mating type of Phytophthora infestans
Wanningen R Infinito and tuberblight control: modes of action
Elsherif M Late blight control strategies in the mediterranean area with Infinito and Consento
Van Campen O, Jackson Y & Blachinsky D Potato late blight control in Israel
Hu T Chemical control strategy of potato late blight based on the DSS China-blight

Session 6: Subgroup Pathogen and Host resistance (Chairman David Cooke

F�rch M et al. Update on the Dutch P.infestans population 2012
Cooke LR et al. The potato blight population in Northern Ireland in 2012: ongoing changes and fungicide performance
Hannukkala A Changes in epidemiology and population structure of P. infestans in Finland
Nielsen B, Cooke D & Hansen JG Monitoring Danish population of potato late blight (P. infestans) 2011-2012 and occurrence of 13_A2
Nyongesa M et al. Evaluating the potential of Phytophthora infestans to genetically adapt to the Rpi-blb1 transgene
Sliwka J et al. Expression profiles of the late blight resistance gene Rpi-phu1
Tomczy�ska I et al. Spectrum of resistance of potato cultivar Sarpo Mira against Phytophthora infestans
Rogozina EV et al. Sources for late blight resistance from Potato Collection in the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry

Session 6: Subgroup Alternaria (Chairman: Hans Hausladen

Kapsa JS & Gawi�ska-Urbanowicz H Seasonal changes of Alternaria population in the North of Poland
Kokaeva LYu & Elansky SN Species of Alternaria causing early blight of potato and tomato in Russia
Sthienberg D Alternaria diseases of potatoes - epidemiology and management
Volz A et al. Integrated concept for controlling early blight of potatoes
Leiminger J et al. Differentiation of Alternaria species and quantification of disease development using real-time PCR
Adolf B et al. The F129L mutation of the cytochrome b gene in German A. solani isolates and its impact on their sensitivity towards QoI fungicides

Session 7: Plenary session. Recommendations from the subgroups (Chairman: Didier Andrivon)

Bain RA Report of the Control Strategies Subgroup meeting on 15 May 2013 - Discussion and agreements reached
Cooke D Report from the pathogen and host characterisation subgroup
Hausladen H Report of subgroup Alternaria

Session 8: Posters

Cooke LR and Nugent P Performance of fungicide programmes based on Revus, Shirlan and Dithane NT in controlling PLB in a N. Ireland field trial, 2012
Mita ED et al. Effect of some pesticides on the in vitro oospore formation and mycelial growth of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary
Fadina OA et al. Comparison of two SCAR markers for the RB/Rpi-blb1 gene of potato late blight resistance
Nassar H et al. Distribution of mating types and resistance to metalaxyl in Phytophthora infestans in Estonia
Khavkin EE et al. Pyramiding R genes - genomic and genetic profiles of interspecific potato hybrids and their progenies
Kuznetsova MA et al. A New Approach to Measure Potato Susceptibility to Phytophthora infestans, a Causal Organism of the Late Blight
Sokolova EA et al. Structural homologues of CC-NBS-LRR genes for potato late blight resistance in wild Solanum species
Tegge V and Stammler G Early Blight: Pathogenicity of Alternaria solani and Alternaria alternata and fungicidal activity
Statsyuk NV et al. Characterization of Russian Phytophthora infestans populations: DNA fingerprinting and SSR analysis
Cooke LR and Edmonds J Zoxamide sensitivity in European Phytophthora infestans isolates, 2003-2012
Belkhiter S et al. Assessing the resistance of potato cultivar Sarpo Mira to Algerian isolates of Phytophthora infestans
Blachinsky D & Van Campen O Banjo Forte, a new product in the Late Blight market
Harmeziu M Late blight integrated control in the specific conditions of B�rsa Land, Romania
Nechwatal J and Zellner M Evaluation of leaf treatment products to control late blight in organic potato production
Stroud J et al. Does Phytophthora infestans exhibit host specialisation on tomato in Great Britain?
Sieber K et al. Development of late blight resistant potato prebreeding material for organic farming
Gaucher D, Chatot C & Dubois L Mileos� - the French Potato Late Blight DSS - continuous improvement over the past decade
Kildea S et al. Sensitivity of Irish Phytophthora infestans to the CAA fungicide mandipropamid
Hansen M & Runno-Paurson E Evaluation of foliar resistance to Phytophthora infestans in potato varieties grown in Estonia
Duvauchelle S Alternaria control - What method to decide the spray
J. Plich J, Tatarowska B & Flis B Efficacy of various sources of resistance in protection of potato foliage and tubers against Phytophthora infestans
Sandoval C et al. Alternaria spp. associated to potato crops and its epidemiology in southern Chile